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Being handcuffed, read your rights, and put in the back of a squad car is a gut-dropping, life-changing event. The hours that come after an arrest may be terrifying, but these are critical moments that will determine your future. Some defendants are tricked into giving self-incriminating evidence while others remain silent and wait for their attorneys to show up. Whether you believe you are innocent or not, it is imperative that you immediately call a lawyer to come to your defense. If you have already been arrested or have simply being questioned by the police for any type of crime, the lawyers at the Eighmie Law Firm are here to protect you. It is common for defendants to feel helpless in times such as these, but make no mistake—you have rights and our lawyers can help you prove your innocence. Among our ranks is a former Assistant Public Defender with the 19th Judicial Circuit, who is also a former Navy Judge Advocate General. We represent defendants in the following types of criminal offenses:

Use Your Right to Remain Silent in Order to Protect Yourself

The United States is known for having extraordinarily harsh penalties for everything from minor crimes like marijuana possession to serious felonies such as sexual assault and homicide. Being “tough on crime” has been used by politicians for decades to get votes, all while lives are ruined by overly long prison sentences. Unfortunately, the average prison sentence is getting even longer, according to Newsweek. Just as startling, a study found that 31 percent of defendants awaiting trial and 36 percent of undergraduate students wrongly believed that their silence by refusing to answer questions could be used against them in trial, according to the American Psychological Association. Your right to remain silent should always be invoked. An experienced Fort Pierce criminal defense attorney can help negotiate favorable terms or avoid prison altogether, but you have to keep the following facts in mind when you get arrested:

  • Law enforcement questions defendants not to clear their names, but to dig deep for any inclining or shred of evidence that ties them to the crime;
  • Law enforcement is skilled and trained to get defendants or suspects to say contradictory statements that make them appear to be dishonest;
  • It is easy to slip up and say something self-incriminating when being questioned. Even if you are innocent, law enforcement can bend what you say to make you seem guilty; and
  • Being questioned or interrogated by law enforcement is something that you do not have to do alone. You can and should politely refuse to answer questions until your lawyer arrives.

Call Our Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Team for Help Today

Have you been arrested for a DUI, misdemeanor, or serious felony? If you have, we encourage you to call an attorney immediately. The Fort Pierce criminal lawyers at Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. will ensure that your rights are protected and that you have a fair chance at clearing your name. Call us today at 772-905-8692 for immediate assistance.

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