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Setting the Amount and Duration of Alimony Payments in St. Lucie County

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

This time last year, the alimony tax deduction change dominated the headlines in this area. Before January 1, 2019, alimony payments were tax-deductible and alimony receipts were tax-reportable. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act eliminated both the deduction and the reporting requirement. A year later, it seems the change has had little effect on… Read More »


Ten Children Injured in School Bus Crash

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

Few details were available about a wreck which involved a car and a St. Lucie Public School vehicle loaded with kids. The wreck occurred in Fort Pierce, near the intersection of Avenue O and North U.S. 1, shortly before school began for the day. Ambulances arrived at the scene to transport the victims, according… Read More »


Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Martin County

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

A Stuart man, who was 88 years old, died when a van rear-ended his motorcycle on the Kanner Highway. Investigators state that the motorcycle rider was eastbound on Kanner Highway/State Road 76 when the wreck occurred. First responders rushed the motorcycle rider to a nearby hospital, where he was subsequently declared dead. The victim… Read More »


Classifying and Dividing Marital Property in St. Lucie County

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

Like most other jurisdictions in the country, Florida is an equitable distribution state. Marital assets and debts must be divided equitably, which is not necessarily the same thing as equally. Additionally, before they can be divided, they must be classified. Nonmarital property is not subject to division. Port St. Lucie divorce attorneys must be… Read More »


Challenging the DUI FSTs in St. Lucie County

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

Generally, the Field Sobriety Tests do not matter too much in a DUI case. If the defendant provides a chemical breath or blood sample, and that sample is above the legal BAC limit, the defendant could be guilty as a matter of law. But in about 20 percent of these cases, DUI defendant refused… Read More »


Breaking Down a Tour Bus Crash

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

The number of fatal charter bus crashes has increased over 40 percent since 2009. From both a factual and legal perspective, these claims are quite complex. Since tour bus occupants never wear seat belts, their injuries are usually quite severe. Head injuries, internal wounds, and spine injuries are quite common. Furthermore, the victims are… Read More »


Scooter Crash Kills Stuart Man

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

A rear-end collision on the Kanner Highway ended in tragedy for an 88-year-old Stuart man. According to the Florida Highway patrol, “for unknown reasons,” a Chrysler Pacifica rear-ended a Yamaha scooter as both were eastbound. First responders rushed both drivers to a nearby medical care facility. The Pacifica driver is expected to survive, but… Read More »


Search Warrant Exceptions Go to the Movies

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

It is hard to believe that the original Dirty Harry movie is now almost forty years old. Things have changed a lot in the ensuing years, and we are not just talking about fashion and hairstyles. This scene indicates how much criminal law has changed since then. The evidence which was clearly inadmissible in… Read More »


Fatal Commercial Truck Accident in Martin County

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

A 68-year-old Okeechobee man is dead after a dump truck veered into oncoming traffic and struck a pickup truck.According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the wreck occurred near the intersection of State Road 710 and Martin Highway. A 43-year-old man behind the wheel of a dump truck smashed head-on into a pickup truck which… Read More »


Why is Vicarious Liability Important in St. Lucie County Vehicle Collision Claims?

By Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. |

After a serious car crash injury, like a spine injury, the medical bills may exceed $1 million in the first year. Florida has one of the lowest auto insurance minimum requirements in the country. So, many tortfeasors (negligent drivers) do not have enough coverage to make good on all these losses. Fortunately, Florida also… Read More »

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