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Some of the most emotional and sensitive cases a lawyer can handle are those of divorce and child custody. Eighmie Law Firm is committed to helping you and your children during this challenging period in your life. Our lawyers are focused on achieving an outcome that is in your best interest and protecting your legal rights along the way.

No Fault Divorce in Florida

Florida is one of the states that follows “no-fault divorce” law, but this should not fool you into thinking you can handle your divorce without legal counsel. A knowledgeable Fort Pierce divorce lawyer can help you make important decisions such as the division of marital property, dissolution of marriage, alimony, child custody, and child support. If both parties cannot reach common ground on these issues, they will be made by a judge during a court hearing. When the court issues orders in a divorce, the outcome can affect both spouses and any children for a long time. The family law attorneys at Eighmie Law Firm can help with all of the areas of a divorce discussed below.

Divorce and Family Law in Fort Pierce

Division of Marital Property– Under Florida law, a judge is required to make an “equitable” distribution of all the property. This includes assets and debts that either spouse accumulated throughout the marriage, with a few exceptions. To make the process accurate, each item must be properly valued and characterized as marital property or separate property. Spouses sometimes try to hide assets, but we can help make sure there is a thorough and accurate assessment of all marital property prior to divorce.

Child Custody– According to a study in Huffington Post, in cases where the children live apart from their father, 27 percent of fathers cease to have any contact with their children after a divorce is finalized. Losing contact with one parent can significantly alter a child’s entire future. Custody does not just include who is physically responsible for the children, but also who is responsible for making decisions on education, faith, medical, and social activities.

Child Support– Florida Statute 61.30 sets guidelines for child support awards, but a judge can deviate from these guidelines if it is determined to be in the best interest of the children. Factors that are taken into account include the needs of the child or children, age, standard of living prior to the divorce, the financial status of each parent, and the amount of custody each parent has with the children. It is vital that you have an experienced attorney so that your children are properly cared for with an adequate amount of child support.

Alimony– The amount of alimony awarded varies significantly between cases because there are many specific factors that go into determining the amount. These factors include the age and health of the receiving spouse, the likelihood that they will be able to provide for themselves, the standard of living they grew accustomed to during marriage, and the ability of the higher earning spouse to pay.

Let an Attorney Help You Through Divorce

While divorce is an unpleasant time, we can help by giving you sound legal advice and advocating for your best interests and the best interests of any children involved. We encourage you to reach out to one of the experienced lawyers at the Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. today. Call 772-905-8692 to schedule a free consultation.

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