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Common Mistakes in Divorce, and How to Avoid Them


Every divorce case will present its own unique set of challenges. Although some of these difficulties are unavoidable, others arise due to mistakes made by the people going through the process. If you are going through a divorce, it is essential that you avoid these errors so you do not hurt your case and secure the fair settlement you deserve.

Acting Out of Anger

If yours is a bitter divorce, you likely want to get the process over with and may want to shout at your spouse or their attorney every time you see them. Taking actions such as this though, will only hurt your case. Always remain willing to compromise and keep the lines of communication open. If a judge sees that you are willing to cooperate on terms such as property division and child custody, it will only work in your favor. If you absolutely cannot remain civil with your spouse, communicate with them only through your attorneys.

Failing to Consider Tax Implications

In 2019, federal tax law changed considerably and now, certain terms of divorce may not affect your taxes the way they once would have. Still, divorce will always have some tax implications. For example, many people overlook the fact that they will have to file a single tax return once their divorce is over, and that may have an impact on the refund they were expecting.

Overlooking Your Estate Plan

You will have to think about many things during the divorce process, and it is easy to forget about your estate plan. However, it is essential that you fully review your estate plan, change the beneficiaries, and make any other necessary changes. The chances are good that the final wishes you had when creating your estate plan are not the same as they are when you are going through a divorce.

Dating During Divorce

Everyone has the right to be as happy as possible after divorce, and even while they are going through the process. Dating though, will make your divorce case much more complicated. There is a chance that learning that you are dating again will anger your former spouse, and they may even use your new relationship against you. They may claim that your new partner is not good for the children, and a new relationship can confuse your children, particularly if your divorce case is not finalized. The best advice is to always hold off on dating until your case is over.

Not Working with a Florida Divorce Lawyer

While it is true that you are not required to work with a Port St. Lucie divorce lawyer during your case, it is highly recommended. At Eighmie Law Firm, P.A., our experienced attorneys can provide the legal counsel you need, and we will always work in your best interests to secure the fair settlement you deserve. Call us today at (772) 905-8692 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.


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