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Family Files Suit After Florida Man Dies At Casino


The family of a 48-year-old Florida man has filed a lawsuit against a Las Vegas casino after the man had a heart attack at the black jack table. According to the lawsuit, the dealer kept dealing in another player for 15 minutes before responding to the man’s condition. Eventually, the family claims, they attempted to administer CPR, but were ineffective at doing so. The family asserts that had the dealer immediately called an ambulance, the man would still be alive.

They are almost certainly correct. However, the casino claims that the allegations are completely untrue, that the staff attempted to get the man help as soon as they realized he was in distress, and any efforts that failed were due to the fact that the staff was not trained for medicine.

In this case, the matter will likely come down to the video. Since casinos have video surveillance everywhere, it is a near-certainty that there will be footage of the man slumped over in his chair for the alleged 15 minutes. Alternatively, there may be no such footage. Ultimately, the case will come down to the footage.

Analyzing the potential footage 

While no one expects a blackjack dealer to save lives, they also don’t expect the dealer to keep dealing after a player to whom he was dealing cards suddenly stops moving. They would expect the dealer to try to wake the man, and then, if he couldn’t, they would expect him to immediately call an ambulance. If the footage shows what the plaintiffs say it shows, it will be very difficult for the casino to defend this lawsuit. Most juries would expect that a reasonable person would call for help. It didn’t happen. A man died. The casino could have prevented it.

Heart attacks 

Early treatment for a heart attack saves lives. In this case, the man died because his brain did not get enough oxygen. Had the employees responded immediately, he could have been revived and his outcome would have been much better. So, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the negligence of the casino and the untimely death of the patron which can be established by medical proof.

It would be fair for the casino to claim that regardless of what they did, the man would have died anyway. However, that isn’t the case with a heart attack. Once the heart stops, it’s a race against time to stabilize the rhythm and ensure that the brain is getting oxygen. So, if the man was slumped over in his chair for 15 minutes, he was dying while the dealer was dealing in another customer.

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