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Five Common Springtime Injury Claims


Spring is always a welcome season, particularly this year as businesses start to reopen and it feels as though things are getting back to normal. Unfortunately, while there is reason to celebrate this spring, injuries are still going to happen. In fact, as more people try to get out and do all the things they have missed doing over the past year, there is a chance the number of accidents will actually increase. So, what are the most common injury claims during this time of year? The top five are listed below.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are always one of the most common types of personal injury claims, but there is an uptick of these crashes in the spring. During the spring, people want to get out and travel to the park, beach, golf course, or even just to a friend’s pool. As people travel on the roads more frequently, more accidents are bound to occur.

Dog Bites

Just as more people are more likely to get out and enjoy all that spring has to offer, dogs are more likely to, as well. With schedules that are a little freer, people may take their dogs for longer walks, and spend more time socializing with friends, and their dogs, in parks and other public places. This also increases the chance of dog bites occurring.

Slip and Falls

Florida sees a lot of rain in the springtime, which causes muddy, slippery conditions. These conditions do not always stay outside where they belong. As people travel into restaurants, stores, and other businesses, they track in wetness and mud with them. Property owners are responsible for being proactive and cleaning up these dangerous conditions right away. Unfortunately, sometimes they neglect the hazardous condition and it results in a slip and fall.

Swimming Pool Accidents

It is always a good time of the year for a swim in Port St. Lucie, but in the spring people’s schedules are opening up and people are starting to prepare for summer. This results in a lot of pool parties which are a lot of fun, but can also result in swimming pool accidents, as well. Property owners are responsible for ensuring their pool and the area around it is safe, or they can be held liable. If the pool is not properly latched or gated and a child becomes hurt, property owners can also be held liable under Florida’s attractive nuisance law.

Playground Injuries

Spring is a time for the playground and they only become more popular as more kids continue to get out of school for summer break. This results in more children playing in a playground and when they do, they sometimes become hurt. Determining liability for these cases solely rests on the facts of the case and liable parties can include schools, childcare centers, equipment manufacturers, and even government agencies.

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