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Five Tips For Driving Safely In The Rain


Living in central Florida, all motorists will have to drive in the rain at some point and sometimes, those rains can come down heavily. In wet conditions, even a short trip can be very dangerous, and thousands of people lose their life or suffer permanent injury as a result of an accident caused by rain.

Truthfully though, no accidents are caused by rain alone. If you do not know how to drive safely in the conditions, you could still be found negligent and liable for paying damages. To avoid this, it is critical that all drivers know the following safety tips when driving during a downpour.

Check Your Tires Regularly

You never know when you are going to be stuck on the roads in the rain, which is why you should check your tires regularly. Tires that do not have proper tread cannot grip the roads as well as new tires with thicker tread. You are more likely to hydroplane, which could easily cause a crash.

Stay Mindful of the Wind

With rain often comes wind, and the gusts can be fairly forceful in Florida. It is important to stay mindful of the wind and drive appropriately. Watch out for large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, as they are more difficult to control and may not be able to stay in their lane.

Keep Your Distance

Any time you follow another vehicle too closely, there is an increased chance of an accident occurring. When you are driving in the rain, the chances are even greater. Vehicles in front of you may need more time to slow down and stop. If you are following too closely, you will not have enough distance in front of you to stop before crashing into them.

Drive Defensively

Anything can happen on the roads any time, and that is even more true when it is raining. Always watch what is happening around you and give drivers plenty of room, as their actions are often unpredictable. Always use your signals to indicate when you are turning or changing lanes, and avoid internal distractions. Even changing the radio station may be too great of a distraction when driving in the rain.

Know Your Own Skill Level

Some people are very adept at driving defensively, even in very poor conditions. Others though, may not feel as comfortable in them. Always check the weather report before you head out, particularly on long drives. If a storm is coming and you do not feel comfortable about driving in those conditions, stay home. If a storm starts while you are on the road and you feel as though you should not drive, pull over to a safe area until the conditions are better.

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