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Four Places to Watch for Pedestrians


All drivers know that they have to watch for pedestrians while they are on the road, but not all drivers do. Drivers and pedestrians sometimes have a very contentious relationship, with each thinking they have the right-of-way or that the other is infringing on their rights. However, pedestrian accidents are some of the most serious. Not only will a pedestrian suffer the worst types of injuries, but you could also be found negligent and held liable for paying damages. While you should always be on the watch for pedestrians, there are four places in particular you are likely to encounter them.

In Child-Friendly Areas

Children are very unpredictable and they do not have the rationale to make quick and smart decisions. As such, you must remain particularly vigilant when driving in an area that is populated with children. These include in school zones, and around parks and playgrounds. Also remain cautious around school buses and never pass a stopped school bus, even if the warning signals are not flashing. A child may still jump out from the rear or front of the bus.


Pedestrians have the right-of-way when they are in a crosswalk, but not all drivers respect this. Pedestrians understand this basic law and so, may dart out into a crosswalk when a light is changing. Individuals on foot may also not think to watch for cars the same way they would otherwise because they assume they are in a safe place and will not become injured. Also remember that any intersection is considered to have a crosswalk, even if there is not one that is clearly marked.


People enter and exit their driveway all the time and it can become so commonplace drivers do not even think about it. However, driveways are especially dangerous for pedestrians because they may cross not knowing a car is backing out of it. Too many drivers simply rely on their mirrors when backing out, which makes it even easier to not see a pedestrian. Turn your entire body to check your blind spots, and roll your window down to listen for movement that can alert you of a pedestrian’s presence.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are tricky areas, for both pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians sometimes have to walk in between vehicles to reach their own car or just to get out of the parking lot. Drivers are often backing up out of parking spots, which makes it more difficult for them to a pedestrian.. Always remain extra alert for pedestrians in parking lots, especially children.

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