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High Speed Car Crash Causes Multiple Injuries

Four people were seriously injured after a passenger car and police cruiser collided in West Palm Beach.

The crash occurred near the intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street. The officer’s patrol car was in emergency mode – lights flashing and siren on – during a response to a disturbance at West Palm Beach Hospital. Police say that a woman pulled out in front of the northbound officer, who then rear-ended the passenger car. The officer, the female driver, a 5-year-old child, and a 15-year-old child were all transported to a local hospital.

All the injured victims are expected to survive.

Officer Involved Crashes

Most police cars contain a vast array of displays and flashing lights that are intentionally placed within the officer’s reach. While officers must often pass rigorous driving tests that are probably more frequent and intensive than the ones for civilian drivers, officers are people too, and they are susceptible to distracted driving just like everyone else.

Distracted drivers injure over 1,100 people every single day. Despite the fact that most all motorists agree that driving while talking on a cellphone, applying makeup, or sending text messages is dangerous, most drivers admit that they engage in such behavior. Furthermore, there is evidence that the “hands-free” technology in most new cars may be more dangerous than hand-held cellphones, so the problem will probably get even worse.

Technology-based distraction gets the most attention, because it often combines all three kinds of distracted driving:

  • Cognitive (taking your mind off driving);
  • Manual (taking at least one hand off the wheel); and
  • Visual (taking your eyes off the road).

Damages in serious collision include compensation for both economic losses, like lost wages, and noneconomic losses, like pain and suffering.

Legal Issues in Rear-End Crashes

The duty of reasonable care essentially makes drivers responsible for avoiding collisions if at all possible, and the last clear chance doctrine is an extension of this idea. In some situations, the last clear chance doctrine can flip liability in a car crash case, making it a favorite defense of insurance company lawyers throughout the Treasure Coast area.

Assume that Driver A rear-ends Driver B. In most cases, Driver A is clearly negligent. But, if the factfinder determines that Driver B could have avoided the collision by switching lanes, changing speeds, or whatever, Driver A is liable for damages. For the last clear chance doctrine to apply, the driver must have the last clear chance to avoid the crash, and not the last possible chance.

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