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One-Man Crime Spree Ends In Arrest


A Treasure Coast man was caught in Port St. Lucie embarking on a one-man crime spree. According to police, he left a mother and her two children traumatized after robbing her at knifepoint. He then fled on foot to a gas station where he proceeded to rob the clerk of cash register money. Police placed his image on social media, and he was later identified and apprehended.

Police said he had a long history of committing similar violent crimes and that it was very disturbing for him to commit two in one night. In some cases, violent crimes are the product of drug abuse. An addict gets bad enough, they will become an entirely different person to get their score. In other cases, holding people up at knife point is the score. The police appear to be tipping that interpretation of these events into the record.

Analyzing the patterns of random violence 

There are folks who exist that enjoy hurting and harming other people. We think of them as serial killers, but not all of these individuals kill. Sometimes, these individuals harm and rob. It’s a rush of adrenaline to engage in a robbery from the attacker’s perspective, and they get money out of it too. So, it’s doubly attractive to certain individuals.

These individuals also have the same problem that most addicts have. Their payload is never quite as good as it was last time, so the behavior needs to be escalated. In some cases, the escalation is in how the behavior is conducted. In other cases, there’s just more of the same behavior. Richard Ramirez was famously someone whose murder-high did not last very long.

So, when police say that it’s disturbing that the man committed two robberies in the same night, they likely mean that his behavior is escalating because the psychic payload of committing random acts of violence isn’t as strong as it once was.

On the other hand, the man is 56 years old. So, if behavioral sciences is your thing, then you’re probably not going to argue that this 56 year old man is now going to peak in his violence career. The urge to kill tends to wane in a serial killer’s twilight years. But behavioral sciences is about as useful as a horoscope for building cases and finding killers. All those hard-to-crack cases aren’t being solved by uber-sleuths applying psychology. They’re being solved by DNA.

So, it remains highly unlikely that the police intervened to stop the next serial killer. He probably did not get enough money from the first robbery to pay for the drugs he desperately needed. He then needed to commit a second robbery to afford the drugs. This also explains why he committed two offenses in one day.

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