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Tesla Blamed For Rear-End Collision Crash That Killed Two


A recent lawsuit has been filed against Tesla after two people died in a rear-end collision accident with a truck. The plaintiffs contend that the fault driver-assist AI malfunctioned preventing the vehicle from stopping earlier.

A preliminary investigation has not revealed whether or not the driver-assist was in use at the time of the accident.

AI and driver assist lawsuits 

Thus far, these lawsuits have been difficult to win, although some have successfully settled out of court. When they are successful, the plaintiff can make the same argument against a human driver. As an example, a motorcyclist was struck and injured by an AI-driven vehicle and sustained injuries as the AI attempted to change lanes, then canceled that action, and moved back into its original lane. By the time it did that, there was another commuter in the lane.

In other cases, drivers who use the driver-assist AI to drive for them have been charged with manslaughter in specific situations. Ultimately, the liability always falls on the driver, especially when they use a product in a way that it wasn’t intended.

As of now, Tesla is telling drivers that they’ve manufactured an advanced driver-assist AI. While these vehicles may be able to navigate simple driving situations, drivers are not authorized to give up control of the vehicle to the AI. They must remain attentive to the road and make decisions the same way any driver would. When they don’t, they’re liable for the accident.

When can I sue Tesla over driver assist? 

It will take years of litigation to win a case against a company like Tesla. So, if you are injured in an accident with Tesla or own a Tesla that you believe malfunctioned, your first order of business would be to file a claim on your own no-fault auto insurance policy. Then, you can file a claim on the at-fault driver’s policy. Finally, you can file a claim against Tesla.

To win a case against Tesla or any major auto manufacturer, you would need to prove that the driver assist was the proximate cause of your injuries. In the case mentioned above, the plaintiff would have to establish that the AI malfunctioned. To do this, they would need access to proprietary information regarding Tesla’s AI.

In most cases like the one mentioned above, you would expect Tesla to blame the driver for failing to stop in time. Since the driver is not allowed to give total control of the vehicle to the AI, no liability would fall on Tesla for the misuse of their product. Instead, the liability would fall on the injured party.

However, if the driver attempted to break and the vehicle failed to break, then Tesla would be liable for the accident. Ultimately, the driver is always responsible.

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