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When is the Right Time to Date After Divorce?


Reentering the dating world after a divorce is scary for some, but others find the idea very exciting. However, while it is important that you move on in your life and find happiness, it is important to consider that dating could also affect your divorce, even if it is already finalized. To ensure that you do not hurt your case, there are some important factors to take into consideration if you are thinking about getting back into the dating scene.

Is Your Divorce Finalized?

Florida law does not prohibit you from dating during your divorce, but it is recommended that you wait until your case is over before you start dating. Before your divorce is finalized, you are still considered legally married, even if the divorce process has already started. If you start dating while your divorce is ongoing, it could be considered adultery. If that is the case and you spent marital funds on the new relationship, it could hurt your case when the judge is making decisions on alimony or property division matters.

How will it Affect Your Children?

Bringing a new person home to your children will always impact them somehow. If you have a child custody order in place, a new relationship may also affect how much time you can spend with them. If your former spouse believes your new partner has a criminal history, or that your children are being negatively affected by the new relationship, they may ask a judge to modify the child custody order.

What are Your Reasons for Dating?

Some people simply enjoy dating and want to get back into it so they can meet new people and move forward with their life. Others, on the other hand, date soon after a divorce to get revenge on their former spouse. Again, it is advised that you do not do this.

If you intentionally anger your spouse, particularly if your divorce is not even over yet, it could hurt your divorce case. Also, your spouse can always go back to the court and ask them to modify an alimony or child support offer if they believe the relationship is serious enough to provide some financial support. Always make sure you are dating for the right reasons so your spouse has nothing to use against you.

Our Family Lawyers in Florida can Provide the Advice You Need

There are many issues that will arise during and after divorce. While not all of them will have legal implications, others will even if they do not seem obvious right away. Dating is just one of these issues. At Eighmie Law Firm, P.A., our Port St. Lucie divorce lawyers can advise on all aspects of your divorce and how you can ensure your best interests are always protected. If you are considering divorce, or have already started the process, call us at (772) 905-8692 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.


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