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When Should I Speak to a Lawyer After an Auto Accident?


Many people do not think they need a lawyer after an auto accident, while others think that they should always speak to an attorney after a crash. Truthfully, while many auto accident cases greatly benefit from the help of a lawyer, others simply do not require one. So, if you have been in a car crash, how can you know whether you need the help of an attorney for your case? Learn more about whether you need a lawyer after a collision below.

When You Do Not Need a Lawyer for Your Car Accident Case

Sometimes, car accidents do not result in injuries, and there is very little property damage to either vehicle. In these cases, you likely do not need the help of a car accident lawyer in Florida. Insurance companies are typically more willing to offer a fair settlement due to the small amount of damage done, and it is not difficult to secure the damages you need.

Even in these instances, however, it may not hurt to speak to an attorney. A lawyer can evaluate your claim, ask about your injuries and whether you have received medical attention, and determine whether your case is more complex than you may think. If the lawyer does not believe complications will arise in your case, they will tell you in good faith that you likely do not need legal counsel.

When You Do Need a Lawyer for Your Car Accident Case

Just as there are times when you may not need a car accident lawyer, there are other instances in which you should absolutely speak to an attorney. These include when you have sustained a serious permanent injury, or any injury that requires treatment. Additionally, if you are unable to return to work, you should also speak to a lawyer that can help you recover the damages you incurred in the form of lost income, benefits, bonuses, and more.

When these circumstances apply to your case, it is crucial that you speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. In Florida, the statute of limitations on these claims is four years from the date of the accident. Four years may sound like a long time, but it is not. Prior to filing your claim, an attorney will need to conduct an investigation and collect evidence to prove another party was negligent, and you will also have to reach maximum medical improvement so you know how many damages to claim. As such, any time you are injured or miss work due to a crash, you should speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Florida Car Accident Lawyers can Help with Your Case

If you have been injured in an auto accident, our Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyers at Eighmie Law Firm, P.A. are here to help. We know how to evaluate your claim so you secure the full amount of damages you need, and will give you the best chance of a positive outcome with your case. Call us today at (772) 905-8692 or contact us online so we can start reviewing your case.


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