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Woman Sues After Being Served Cannabis At Wedding


A Florida woman claims that she suffered permanent injuries after being served marijuana-laced food at a wedding. She claims that her injuries were “severe” and “permanent” and that the marijuana-laced food was “poisonous”. She claims she had no idea the food was laced with THC and said she suffered “marijuana poisoning”.

Police arrived at the scene to find one guest complaining of feeling “high”. Several of the guests ended up sick and some ended up going to the hospital. Samples of the food were sent to a lab where they were found to have high levels of THC, the active component in marijuana.

Regardless of your state’s laws, it is illegal to dose someone without their consent or knowledge. In most states, this is considered battery, assault, or some other similar crime. In New York, it would be considered assault to drug someone against their knowledge. In Florida, the caterer is being charged with several crimes including tampering with food. The bride is also facing charges for authorizing the caterer to lace the food.

Understanding the matter 

There may not be a good way to wrap your head around any of this. It appears the bride asked the caterer to lace the food with marijuana without telling the guests. While marijuana is legal in many states and considered harmless, those who do not use the drug regularly would likely be floored by a heavy dose. Those who use the drug recreationally might have enjoyed the wedding a bit more than otherwise. However, marijuana is a potent drug, especially for those who are not regular users and being dosed without foreknowledge is likely terrifying.

While the injuries sustained are unlikely to be “permanent”, panic attacks and stroke-like symptoms have been reported by those who have taken too much marijuana.

There has been a decided uptick in the number of hospitalizations related to marijuana use since it was legalized. Those who are not used to extremely high doses become paranoid and confused and often this results in psychiatric symptoms like a panic attack. For first responders and the emergency room, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack. Further, marijuana can drive your blood pressure so high that it produces symptoms that are similar to a stroke.

In one case, a marijuana company accidentally mislabeled their products as CBD which is enjoyed primarily by older Americans. CBD is not psychoactive but users say it produces some benefits. One of those who accidentally took a THC product he thought was CBD ended up in the hospital. His doctor diagnosed him with a stroke.

So, while marijuana is safe when used properly, it is unsafe when used by those who don’t use it frequently in high doses. The wedding guests deserve to be compensated for being dosed against their will.

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